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    We try our best to provide excellent customer service, but everyone is human. Please let us know if there is an issue with the service and we will do our best to correct it.

  • Our costs have increased, but we want to continue providing great service and great food. To help offset these costs, ALL TO-GO orders (online or pick-up) will be charged a small service fee of $1.50.”

"Sawasdee" (pronounced Sah-wah-dee" means "hello" in the Thai language. At our Thai Cuisine, we have been saying more than just "hello." At our locations, we welcome you into an atmosphere filled with warmth and kindness. We created dishes designed to suit various palettes while still accomodating the traditional Thai fare. Come experience our amazing delicacies in the CSRA/Aiken-Augusta areas prepared by some of our native Thai and expert chefs.



In 2006, Thai family man, Mr. Chuck founded exceptional restaurant in Warrenville, SC. Several years later, Mr. Chuck still owns Sawasdee and has expanded to the GA region. Annually, Mr. Chuck and his family volunteer to run a Thai cuisine booth at the Arts in the Heart festival in Augusta, GA.  


MEET THE OWNERS: Mr. Chuck & Mrs. Vena


Mr. Chuck always dreamed of opening his own restaurant and opening a door for others to experience the exquisite taste of Authentic Thai Food.  In 2006, when Mr. Chuck's youngest child graduated High School, he decided that it was time to try and accomplished his dream goal in life—opening Sawasdee. Since then, patrons in the Augusta/Aiken area have consistently rated Sawasdee one of the best Thai Restaurants in the CSRA.


Mr. Chuck is excited for the newfound popularity of Sawasdee and hopes to expand the restaurant in new ways, bringing Thai food closer to the heart of the area. Hopefully, one day he may open a building closer to Augusta.  Mr. Chuck says, "We would like to thank everyone for the support and continuation of the support, while we try to make this happen.”



Misty, Mr. Chuck’s daughter, often helps her father out with the restaurant. She helps him manage his restaurant from financial advice to writing and designing the menus. Often she visits the restaurant to help Mr. Chuck with serving the guests. She loves making sure each customer leaves full, happy, and gratified.

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